Veterinarian and Owner
Dr. Glaesemann’s passion for animal agriculture helped to shape her veterinary medicine career. Growing up on her family’s Fairbury dairy farm, Jennafer grew up with cattle, sheep, rabbits, and various poultry species. When Jennafer was just five years old, her father woke her in the middle of the night, asking her to hold the flashlight while he treated an ailing cow for milk fever. With the first geyser of blood as the needle punctured the jugular vein, Jennafer was instantly fascinated by veterinary medicine. When the cow “miraculously” got up shortly after her father gave it the calcium, it was almost like magical, super hero powers for this creature who needed help. At that moment, Jennafer took her first step toward a challenging, rewarding veterinary medicine career!

Jennafer’s childhood was filled with 4-H and FFA (formerly Future Farmers of America) activities, further increasing her understanding of her beloved livestock. While exhibiting her dairy cattle, rabbits, and poultry at the Nebraska State Fair, Jennafer won several state championships in the 4-H and FFA exhibitions. Jennafer also proved an accomplished judge, earning state championships in poultry and dairy judging and dairy management evaluation.

Following high school, Jennafer attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, graduating with dual Bachelor Degrees in Animal Science and Veterinary Science. Jennafer was in the inaugural class of the Iowa State and UNL Profressional Program in Veterinary Medicine. After moving to Iowa State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Glaesemann earned her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in 2011.

While she received job offers elsewhere, Dr. Glaesemann really wanted a practice of her own. Knowing that she wanted to work mostly with large animals in a rural area, she methodically conducted a search throughout the United States. Dr. Glaesemann spoke with many practice owners and visited several practices in person, including the veterinary clinic Dr. Glaesemann was familiar with in her childhood. Dr. Glaesemann purchased Blue Valley Veterinary Clinic, only 26 miles from her childhood home. She joined the staff as an associate veterinarian in 2011 while she worked to finalize the clinic purchase. Clinic operations and management prompted Dr. Glaesemann to pursue a Masters in Business Admninistration (MBA) degree, which she earned from Chadron State College in 2016.

Dr. Glaesemann has deep family roots to Beatrice, as she is the fourth generation to work in Beatrice and both of her siblings have also worked in Beatrice at various times in their lives. Dr. Glaesemann’s family members have been delighted to assist her in keeping the practice running smoothly. Her parents fill in as front desk help, while her younger brother Aaron frequently stops in to handle technology-related tasks. Dr. Glaesemann’s older brother Nathan also pitches in when needed. (Nathan and Aaron put the roof back on the horse loafing shed in the spring of 2016, and it looks pretty spiffy!)

Even while she focuses on growing her practice, Dr. Glaesemann often reminds herself why she chose a veterinary medicine career. The everyday opportunity to make a positive difference in another’s life makes it easy for her to get out of bed each morning. She marvels at the magic of the human-animal bond and its relevance with any species. Dr. Glaesemann enjoys the mental and emotional engagement of challenging medical and surgical cases, and she gets great satisfaction from seeing a patient return to wellness after an effective rehabilitation program. There’s also the hands on work with livestock species that she’s enjoyed all her life, and, of course, introductions to all the adorable puppies and kittens.

Dr. Glaesemann enjoys life with Karla, a sweet, quiet Pit Bull mix. Dr. Glaesemann met this wonderful dog while interning at a small-town clinic that also served as the town’s animal shelter. As luck would have it, the clinic’s kennel worker took the dog outside to play, and they instantly bonded as best friends. Dr. Glaesemann has also been able to indulge her love for horses and now has seven American Quarter Horses.